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Posted by in on Mar 05, 2014 .

With the upcoming Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in summer 2014 we have decided to celebrate the occasion with the publication of book 'The Wee Book of Scotland's Commonwealth Games'.

This fascinating book looks back over the tremendous sporting achievements of the Scots men and women who played a significant part in the Games...from the winning of the very first Medals to the most recent successes of Scotland The Brave.     

The book is pocket sized and makes an excellent gift for a friend or relative attending the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014. Equally if you or your friends can't make it to Glasgow to join in the fun...

Posted by in on Feb 12, 2014 .

We have published a few magazines on a variety of topics which have been very popular. As we are a Scottish publisher we thought it was time to publish a bookazine on what is arguably Scotlands most famous export: Scotch Whisky

Our Whisky Bookazine is the quintessential guide to everything you wanted to know about Scotch whisky.

Inside you will find all the relevant facts to do with your favourite classic malts, how ‘the water of life’ had its origins in mystic medieval times in ancient Caledonia, how bold smugglers risked life and limb to escape the dreaded customs men, the real story behind the fortuitous...

Posted by in on Dec 04, 2013 .

Give Clan Books for Christmas to your family. A great fun gift for all the members of your clan. Christmas is about celebrating with your family: and what a better way to celebrate your family heritage than with a family clan name book from Lang Syne.