Scotlands Commonwealth Games in Glasgow 2014

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With the upcoming Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in summer 2014 we have decided to celebrate the occasion with the publication of book 'The Wee Book of Scotland's Commonwealth Games'.

This fascinating book looks back over the tremendous sporting achievements of the Scots men and women who played a significant part in the Games...from the winning of the very first Medals to the most recent successes of Scotland The Brave.     

The book is pocket sized and makes an excellent gift for a friend or relative attending the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014. Equally if you or your friends can't make it to Glasgow to join in the fun you can still get a flavour of Scotlands Games in this wee book. 75 pages of fascinating facts and history of Scotland participation in all Commonwealth Games since 1930.

SCOTLAND’S roots with the Commonwealth Games – which were originally called the British Empire Games – run deep indeed. Scots have been part of these Games from the very beginning... since Edmonton in Ontario, Canada hosted the inaugural event way back in 1930.

From that historic launching of this multi-sports event, there has been a Scottish team at every single Games – a record that is shared by a handful of countries.

Only six nations, including Scotland, of course, have participated throughout the history of the Commonwealth Games. The others are England, Wales, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

And Scots have brought home Medals from every one of those Games.

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