McGuigan Clan Book

Ulster, which along with Connacht, Munster and Leinster is one of the four ancient provinces of the Emerald Isle, is the original territory of proud bearers of the McGuigan name.

It was from present day County Tyrone, allied with other proud clans such as the O’Neills and the O’Donnells, that the Ulster clan embarked on one of the bloodiest rebellions in the island’s history.

The stirring tale of the McGuigans is recounted here.

NAME variations include: Mag Uiginn (Gaelic), MacGuigan, MacGoogan, McGoogan, MacGookin, McGougan, MacGougan, MacGuckin, MacGugan, MacGuiggan, MacGuighan, McGurgin, MacQuiggan, MacWiggan, Fidgeon, Pidgeon, Wigan.

McGuigan Clan Book

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