Carmichael Clan Book

With roots in both the Lowlands and the Highlands of Scotland, the Carmichael name has for centuries figured prominently in the pages of the vibrant drama that is the nation’s history.
With sword in hand, they fought not only in their native land but also on foreign fields, gaining high honours and distinction, while others have gained acclaim through more peaceful endeavours.
In the world of music, Hoagy Carmichael was the legendary American composer, pianist and singer whose memorable compositions include Stardust, Georgia on My Mind and, from 1951, My Resistance is Low.
On the stage, Ian Carmichael was the English actor whose film credits include the 1954 Betrayed, starring Clark Gable and Lana Turner, and comedic roles in films that include I’m All Right, Jack and School for Scandal and the television role during the 1960s and 1970s of Bertie Wooster in The World of Jeeves.
 Read here the proud and stirring tale of the Carmichaels.

Carmichael Clan Book

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