Donaldson Clan Book

Identified from earliest times with the western seaboard of Scotland, the Donaldsons, through their close kinship with the powerful Clan Donald, were for centuries embroiled in the high drama that is the nation’s history.
Other bearers of the name have gained distinction not only on the battlefield, but also through a range of more peaceful endeavours.
In the world of music, Walter Donaldson was one of the most prolific songwriters America has ever produced. Born in 1893, he was responsible, in many cases along with lyricist Gus Kahn, for a string of enduring hit songs that include Carolina in the Morning, Georgia, Makin’ Whoopee and Yes Sir, That’s My Baby.
In the equally creative world of the written word, Julia Donaldson, born in London in 1948, is the author best known for her internationally best-selling Gruffalo series of children’s books. 
The vibrant saga of the Donaldsons is recounted here.

Donaldson Clan Book

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