Fergusson Clan Book

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With origins that stretch back to Ireland, the Fergussons can lay claim to particularly ancient and enduring Scottish fame.
The sixth century Irish chieftain Fergus – from whom the Fergussons take their name – is reputed to have brought the ancient Stone of Scone, on which Scottish monarchs were enthroned, from Ireland to Scotland.
They can also claim a role in the adoption of the Scottish national flag the Saltire, featuring a white diagonal cross on a blue background.
This is through Angus MacFergus, who fought against the Northumbrians at the battle of Athelstaneford, in East Lothian, in 832 AD. 
A Saltire is said to have appeared in the sky during the battle and, with the Scots proving victorious, it was taken as a favourable omen and subsequently adopted as the national flag.
Infused with high drama and romance, the colourful lives and times of the Fergussons are recounted here.

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