Fitzgerald Clan Book

They came, they saw, they conquered – but the Fitzgeralds also readily adapted to the ancient Irish way of life, becoming in the process one of the island’s most powerful and important dynasties.

Rebels against the Crown on many occasions, they suffered dearly for their beliefs and in their struggle for the nation’s freedom and independence.

Their stirring tale is told here.

NAME VARIATIONS INCLUDE: MacGerailt (Gaelic), FitzGerald, Fitz-Gerald, Gerald Geralds, Geraldine.

Fitzgerald Clan Mini-Book Excerpt

In the world of science, George FitzGerald, born in Dublin in 1851, was a physicist who carried out pioneering work in electromagnetism, while Gerald FitzGerald, 11th Earl of Kildare, is reputed to have resorted to supernatural means to explore the natural world.

Born in 1525, he was educated on the Continent, and it was here that his interest in alchemy, the attempt to turn base metal into gold, was first aroused.

Returning to the Kildare stronghold of Kilkea Castle he soon earned himself the feared name of ‘The Wizard Earl’ because of the mysterious experiments he carried out behind the castle walls.

Said to have possessed magical powers, he died in 1585 and, according to ancient legend, his ghost returns to haunt the castle every seven years, mounted on a silver-shod white horse.


Fitzgerald Clan Book

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