Flynn Clan Book

The ancient provinces of Ulster, Connacht and Munster were for centuries the main territories of separate branches of the proud native Irish clan of Flynn.
Stout defenders of their freedom and independence, they steadfastly resisted the invader, often at bitter cost to themselves, while in later centuries many achieved fame and acclaim through more peaceful endeavours and pursuits.
On the silver screen, Errol Flynn was the flamboyant and controversial Hollywood actor and international star born in Hobart, Tasmania, in 1909 and whose film credits include  the 1935 Captain Blood, The Adventures of Robin Hood and The Dawn Patrol, both from 1938, and the 1948 Adventurers of Don Juan.
Taking to the skies, the Reverend John Flynn was the Australian Presbyterian minister who in 1928 founded what became the country’s Royal Flying Doctor Service – the world’s first air ambulance.
The dramatic and truly stirring tale of the Flynns is presented here.

Flynn Clan Book

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