Doyle Clan Book

Rooted in the soil of Ireland from the early years of the tenth century A.D., the potent blood of Vikings surged through the veins of those Doyles who in later centuries would be stalwart in their defence of the island’s freedoms.
This was a defence bought often at terrible price, but undaunted they clung tenaciously to survival.
In more peaceful times, bearers of the name have gained fame and acclaim through a diverse range of endeavours and pursuits.
In the world of the written word, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was the creator of the fictional sleuth Sherlock Holmes. 
Born in Edinburgh in 1859, it was in 1887 that readers were first introduced to the famous character of Holmes in the novel A Study in Scarlet.
In contemporary times, Roddy Doyle is the Irish novelist and screenwriter whose works include The Commitments and Paddy Clarke Ha Ha.
The proud and stirring tale of the Doyles is presented here.


Doyle Clan Mini-Book Excerpt

In the boxing ring Jack Doyle was the Irish boxer, tenor, and actor who was born in 1913 in Cobh. Known as ‘The Gorgeous Gael’ he led a fast-paced life of drinking, gambling, and partying.

Shortly before his death in 1978 he had been asked if he had any regrets over the money he had squandered, to which he replied: “None at all, ‘twas never a generous man that went to hell!”


Doyle Clan Book

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