Irish Clan Books

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Sheehan Clan Book
While bearers of the Sheehan name today lead peaceful lives, not only in their original homeland ..
Sheridan Clan Book
A clan whose roots are buried deep in the ancient soil of Ireland, the Sheridans nevertheless foun..
Sullivan Clan Book
Descendants of warrior chieftains who fought for their freedom and independence in the teeth of i..
Sweeney Clan Book
A clan with a truly noble heritage, the Sweeneys contributed for centuries to the vibrant historic..
Traynor Clan Book
Bearers of the Traynor name today can proudly boast a descent from Ireland’s earliest monarchs, w..
Walsh Clan Book
From the valleys and mountains of Wales, the Walshs found a new homeland in Ireland in the afterma..
Ward Clan Book
Present in Ireland from earliest times as both warriors and bards, bearers of the Ward name in its..
Whelan Clan Book
Proud of a descent from a famed warrior king, and fighting at the side of another in one of Irela..