Kenny Clan Book

An unusual name in that it has both pagan and Christian connotations, Kenny in its numerous spelling variations has been present throughout the Emerald Isle since earliest times.

Native Irish bearers of the name were part of a powerful tribal grouping that held sway over one of the island’s ancient provinces, while in more recent times others have gained honours and distinction through a rich and colourful variety of endeavours.

Their proud tale is recounted here.

NAME VARIATIONS INCLUDE: Keany, Keaney, Keeney, Kenney, Kennie, Kinney, Kinnie, MacKeany, McKenny, MacKenny, O’Kenny, O’Kinney, Ó Cionaith (Gaelic), Ó Cionnaith, (Gaelic), Ó Cionaodha (Gaelic), Ó Cionnaoith (Gaelic), Ó Coinnigh (Gaelic).

Kenny Clan Book

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