Ritchie Clan Book

Although settled today throughout the length and breadth of Scotland and even further afield, the main territory from earliest times of bearers of the name of Ritchie was Perthshire.
It was here, as kinsfolk of the powerful Clan Macintosh, but independent in their own right, that they were at the forefront of some of the bloodiest episodes in the violent drama of Scotland’s history.
In more peaceful times and in the world of music and in the form of ‘Richie’, Lionel Richie is the top-selling American singer, songwriter and record producer born in 1949 in Tuskegee, Alabama and whose hits include Say You, Say Me, Hello and Just Go. 
Better known by his adoptive punk rock name of Sid Vicious, John Ritchie, born in London in 1957, was the bassist with the controversial British band the Sex Pistols. 
Read here of lives and times of the Ritchies of both yesteryear and today.

Ritchie Clan Book

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