Baillie Clan History Book

Although originally denoting someone employed as a civic official, it is through a rich and colourful range of other endeavours that proud bearers of the Baillie name and its popular spelling variant of Bailie have stamped their mark on the pages of history.
While some were embroiled in Scotland’s violent religious and political upheavals, others have gained international fame and acclaim through much more peaceful pursuits.
Born in the Scottish Borders in 1895, Isobel Baillie, later honoured as Dame Isobel Bailley, was the soprano regarded as having been one of the greatest oratorio singers of the twentieth century, while Pearl Bailey was the American singer and actress who won a Tony Award in 1968 for playing the title role in an all-black stage production of Hello, Dolly!
The vibrant lives and times of the Baillies and the Baileys of both yesteryear and today are presented here.

Baillie Clan History Book

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