Tait Clan Book

Bearers of a name that resonates throughout the turbulent history of the Scottish Borders, the Taits led a precarious existence for centuries.
Others brought honour to the name through a range of more constructive pursuits, acquiring distinction along the way.
One noteworthy nineteenth century bearer of the name was Archibald Campbell Tait, born in Edinburgh in 1811 and who, unusually for a Scot, converted from the Presbyterian faith and was confirmed in the Church of England – later serving as Archbishop of Canterbury from 1868 until his death in 1882.
On a tragic note, Sharon Tate was the American actress and model, born in 1943 and the wife of film director Roman Polanksi who, along with her unborn child, was stabbed to death in her home in Los Angeles in 1969 by followers of the self-styled hippy leader Charles Manson.
The vibrant drama that is lives and times of the Taits and their namesakes the Tates is recounted here.

Tait Clan Book

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