White Clan Book

Bearers of the name of White, and its spelling variants such as Whyte, may be surprised to learn that there is much more to the name than may first appear on the surface.

This is because in many cases it came to serve as an alias for persecuted members of two proud and famous Scottish clans.

Read here the intriguing and colourful tale of the Whites, both past and present.

White Clan Mini-Book Excerpt

"Every family has the odd skeleton or two rattling around in the closet, and no less so than the international family of Whites.

This is in the form of William Jack White, better known as the feared gangster of the American Prohibition era Three Fingers White.

Born in 1900, his nickname stemmed from a childhood accident in which he lost two fingers from his right hand – but unfortunately for his gangland rivals these did not include his rather itchy trigger finger.

Declared a public enemy in the Chicago Crime Commission report of 1923 as a member of the notorious Johnny Turrio-Al Capone crime syndicate, he was shot dead eleven years later by rival gunmen."

White Clan Book

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