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Taylor Family Book
An occupational name of ancient French roots, ‘Taylor’ has featured prominently in the historical..
Thompson Clan Book
Bearers of a name that has original roots in the North of England in what was then the violent and..
Trotter Family Book
Of ancient Anglo-Saxon roots, ‘Trotter’ is a name whose history dates back to the sixth century A..
Turner Family Book
Bearers of an occupational surname of truly ancient roots, the Turners have stamped an indelible m..
Walker Family Book
A name that has featured prominently in the historical record for centuries, ‘Walker’ has roots i..
Watson Family Book
A name whose bearers have achieved high honours and distinction through a colourfully rich and va..
Webb Family Book
An occupational surname popularised in the wake of the Norman Conquest of 1066, ‘Webb’ was nevert..
White Family Book
A rich and colourful mixture of the blood of both the Anglo-Saxons and the Normans flows through ..
Wilkinson Family Book
A name that resonates throughout the historical record, ‘Wilkinson’ has been present in the Britis..
Wilson Family Book
A name originally descriptive of battle-hardened and feared warriors, ‘Wilson’ has been present f..
Wood Family Book
From the diverse worlds of the battlefield, invention and business to film, sport and music, bear..
Wright Family Book
Although a name that originally referred to those who worked, or ‘wrought’, in a diverse range of ..
Young Family Book
A name rooted deep in England’s turbulent yet colourful Anglo-Saxon past, the surname of Young ha..