Hogan Clan Book

Proud bearers of a descent from Ireland’s earliest High Kings, the Hogans have stamped an indelible mark on the colourful and frequently bloody pages of the island’s history.

When not on the battlefield others found fame in rather more peaceful pursuits, with thousands of the name to be found scattered all over the world today.

What unites them is a rich heritage, and their stirring tale is recounted here.

NAME variations include: Ó hOgáin (Gaelic), O’Hogan, Ogan, Ougin.


Hogan Clan Mini-Book Excerpt

All families have at least one skeleton rattling around in the closet, and no less so than the Hogans.

One particularly infamous bearer of the name was the American underworld character Daniel Hogan, born in 1860 in California and better known to fellow mobsters and law enforcement agencies as Dapper Danny Hogan.

The boss during the American Prohibition Era of ‘the Irish Mob’ of St. Paul, Minnesota, he was described by the U.S. Justice Department at the height of his nefarious activities as ‘one of the most resourceful and keenest criminals in the nation.’

But his career came to a noisy and abrupt end at the hands of rival gangsters in 1928 when he was blown up by a car bomb after turning the ignition key – one of the first instances in the U.S of such an assassination technique.

Hogan Clan Book

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