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 3D Magnet-Leprechaun
3D Magnet-Leprechaun -Fridge Magnet - Irish Gift with a humerous twist. Great present for those ..
3D Magnet-Beer
3D Animated Dark Beer Magnet, animated magnet, excellent gift for the lads. Ideal small gift. ..
3D Magnet-Dark Beer
3D Animated Dark Beer Magnet.  Excellent present for the boys / work mates. Ideal small gift ..
3D Magnet-Gretna Bride
3D Magnet- Animated Gretna Bride. A gift that will bring a smile. Alternatively this comical mag..
3D Magnet-Highland Dancer
3D Animated Magnet-Highland Dancer. A super gift for the dancing enthusiast. ..
3D Magnet-Kelvingrove
3D Animated Magnet-Kelvingrove. A must small gift for all art lovers. ..
3D Magnet-Kiltie
3D Animated Magnet-Kiltie. Cheeky gift that reveals the myth surrounding ' whats under the kilt!' ..
3D Magnet-Sauchiehall Street
3D Animated Magnet- Sauchiehall Street. A quick view of one of Glasgow's famous streets. ..
Cheers from Scotland Half Pint Glass
This popular novelty gift with the motto Cheers from Scotland! Is always a great talking point an..
Cheers from Scotland! Beer mug key fob
Cheers from Scotland beer mug keyfob. A stylish way to brighten up your sets of keys. ..
USA : Ireland - 3D Magnet
USA : Ireland - 3D Magnet ..
USA : Scotland - 3D Magnet
USA : Scotland - 3D Magnet ..
USA : United Kingdom - 3D Magnet
USA : United Kingdom - 3D Magnet ..
Whisky - 3D Magnet
3D whisky fridge Magnet. The perfect small gift for the whisky connoisseur in the family! ..
Whisky Bottle Magnet Opener
Here’s a unique practical gift to brighten up  any fridge. It looks incredibly like real whi..
Whisky Glass I Love Scotland.
It looks like a generous measure of the liquid gold but with this Scotch you will never spill a dr..
 Stories Of The Highland Clearances
Bloodshed and betrayal in the Glens. Man's inhumanity to man is brought sharply into focus as enti..
3D Magnet-Loch Ness
This fun 3D magnet of Scotland's famous elusive loch ness monster will submerge and emerge from th..
6" Highland Piper Teddy
6" musical piper teddy with 5 joints.. His bagpipes play "Scotland the Brave" when pressed. When m..
8" Highland Piper Teddy
8" Highland Piper Teddy - musical soft toy- plays 'Scotland the Brave' when pressed. A great gift ..
A Treasure Trove of Argyll Stories
How Government officers framed a man for murder to stop another Jacobite Rebellion. The church wit..
Adams Family Name Coaster
The Adams Family Name Coaster...
Adamson Clan Book
A name with truly Biblical roots, Adamson and its equally popular spelling variations such as Adam..
Agnew Clan Book
A name of both ancient Celtic and Norman roots, ‘Agnew’ features prominently in the colourful dra..
Air Fresheners
Choice of sheep, bagpipes or doggie airfreshners ..