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Bruce Clan Book
Here is recounted the stirring history of the Clan Bruce from its beginnings when Scotland first f..
Buchanan Clan Book
This is the stirring story of the Clan Buchanan and their connections with major historical charac..
Burke Clan Book
Although they arrived as invaders and adventurers, the Burkes came to adopt the ancient Irish way..
Burns Clan Book
One derivation of the proud name of Burns is from the Old English ‘beorn’, meaning ‘warrior’, whi..
Byrne Clan Book
As one of the ancient Irish clans, the Byrnes and their namesakes the O’Byrnes have stamped an in..
Callaghan Clan Book
Maintaining an often-precarious existence in Ireland since earliest times, the Callaghans were at..
Cameron Clan Book
‘Unite’ is the apt motto of the Camerons, a proud clan that were indeed united over many long and..
Campbell Clan Book
With roots buried deep in the ancient soil of Scotland, the Campbells were for centuries at the f..
Campbell Family Book
Bearers of a name whose roots stretch back through the dim mists of time, the Campbells of today ..
Campbell Family Name Coaster
The Campbell Family Name Coaster...
Campbell Family Name Magnet
The Campbell Family Name Magnet...
Cannibal family of Sawney Bean and other stories of South West Scotland
Here, in this tale of true-life horror, we tell the chilling story of Sawney Bean and his hellish..
Carmichael Clan Book
With roots in both the Lowlands and the Highlands of Scotland, the Carmichael name has for centur..
Carr Family Book
A name derived from a number of sources, ‘Carr’ has figured prominently in the historical record f..
Carr Family Name Coaster
The Carr Family Name Coaster...
Carr Family Name Magnet
The Carr Family Name Magnet...
Carroll Clan Book
A family with aristocratic roots embedded deep in the ancient soil of Ireland, the Carrolls were ..
Carter Family Book
A name with roots that stretch back to those Germanic tribes who first invaded the British Isles ..
Carter Family Name Coaster
The Carter Family Name Coaster...
Carter Family Name Magnet
The Carter Family Name Magnet...
Casey Clan Book
Known originally as the Ó Cathasaigh, or O’Casey, the Caseys of today can lay claim to a glorious..
Cassidy Clan Book
Celebrated for their contribution to Irish literature, Celtic medical lore and the religious life..
Celtic - The History Bhoys Book
Lang Syne's hugely popular Celtic - The History Bhoys now comes with a 16 page supplement detaili..
Celtic Blessing Tea Towel
Celtic Blessing Tea Towel, a novelty accessory for the kitchen. ..
Chalmers Clan Book
In charge of the exchequers into which royal revenues were paid, early bearers of the names of Cha..