Bonnie Prince Charlie & Flora MacDonald

Bonnie Prince Charlie's campaign to become King of Great Britain ended in disaster on the bloody battlefield of Culloden Moor. And for months afterwards he was a fugitive, hunted by Government troops across the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

Although a huge reward, worth £1 million in today's terms, was offered for information that would lead to his arrest not a single Highlander betrayed the brave and gallant Charles Edward Stuart. Indeed many risked their lives and those of their families by helping him to escape. And of this brave and gallant band the most daring was a young woman called Flora MacDonald.

It was Flora, then just 24, who disguised the Prince as her Irish spinning maid, Betty Burke, and smuggled him out of Scotland under the noses of thousands of English redcoats. In this double volume George Forbes charts the course of the rebellion from the moment Prince Charles landed at Eriskay on August 3, 1745, while Alexander MacGregor focuses on the remarkable life of Flora MacDonald, the heroine who was prepared to lay down her life for her Prince.

Bonnie Prince Charlie & Flora MacDonald

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