A Treasure Trove of Argyll Stories

How Government officers framed a man for murder to stop another Jacobite Rebellion. The church with a phantom handprint, a piper executed for playing the wrong tune and the secret silver coin of doom. The remarkable story of Oban - its boom times and the saga of the unfinished colosseum.

How Inveraray achieved global fame, the grim secrets of the castles around Loch Awe and the soldiers who chose a hangman's rope rather than a life as street beggars. These pages deliver what the title promises - a treasure trove of great Argyll stories. Read about the king who had the heads of clansmen cut off and half boiled. Discover the ancient civilisations who had their homes in Argyll at the dawn of history and find out what happened when Viking invaders declared it their "island" home.

Read about the hydro power pioneers who died in dire straits, the secrets of the travelling folk, mayhem wrought by gangsters of the sea, a grave cursed for eternity, a modern Robinson Crusoe and much much more.

A Treasure Trove of Argyll Stories

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