Such Bad Company

Like its bestselling fictional predecessor, 'No Mean City', this catalogue of fascinating true-life crimes and criminals lifts the lid on a world of killers, gangsters, underworld characters, gunmen, safecrackers and razor gangs.

Read about Bible John who haunted a ballroom and preyed on vulnerable women; Peter Manuel, the publicity-mad psycho and serial killer; Jimmy Boyle, the gangster who came good; cop killer Howard Wilson; Gentle Johnny Ramensky, the Great Escaper; Walter Scott Ellis who cheated the gallows; Paddy Meehan, the Gorbals safe-cracker embroiled in murder and Cold War espionage; gunman Jim Griffiths and many, many more.

This underground cult classic is a must for all lovers of good, old fashioned mysteries and thrillers so as Sherlock Holmes was want to say, "The game's afoot..."

Such Bad Company

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