The Bigot

Andra Thomson is back!

The hilarious bigot whose greatest wish to be buried in the hallowed turf of Ibrox Park is rebuffed by the Rangers board... as are his efforts to join the Orange "Ludge" and the Freemasons.

His long-suffering wife Annie, a devout Catholic, tolerates him... and struggles to keep him in his place. And his wee pal, Hughie Broon, can see no wrong in those blue ..true blue.. eyes... sometimes bleary from extended visits to McDougal's hostelry.

And who, Andra wonders, is this stranger his lovely daughter, Jean, is going out with. Does he kick with the proper foot?

And Peter, his son, is that "Hoarses" he's studying or what?

This is Glasgow humour at its best and James Barclay has novelised his award-winning play, The Bigot, originally produced and starring Scots actor Andrew Keir, at Glasgow's Pavilion Theatre.

The one-liners come fast and furious and it all sets out to prove that we are all 'Jock Thamson's Bairns'.

The Bigot

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