Story of a Nation: Scotland 2007 Edition

From the dawn of time to the 21st century discover your land and the land of your forefathers. If you think the pageant of Scottish history is only a catalogue of murder and mayhem,of fratricide and civil war, this book will make you think again. Most of Scotland's problems did not arise because the Scots were a greedy expansionist nation,but because we were all too frequently involved in fending off powerful neighbours who coveted our soil.

For many decades Professor Hume Brown's work has stood the test as an accurate record, telling our nation's history in a bright,concise style. In 1961 Dr H.W. Meikle, the Historiographer-Royal for Scotland, fully edited the text and wrote fresh chapters in light of new developments and discoveries.

In 1990 Rennie McOwan, the distinguished writer and broadcaster, was invited to update the text yet again and further revisions have been made to this 2007 edition.

Story of a Nation: Scotland 2007 Edition

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