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A range of Scottish themed Books including Scottish History, Scottish Interest, Humour, Food and Drink, Horror, Glasgow, Edinburgh and scottish icons such as Nessie, Rob Roy

Also Childrens Books with colouring, teasers and quizzes

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Story of a Nation: Scotland 2007 Edition
From the dawn of time to the 21st century discover your land and the land of your forefathers. If..
Story of Galloway
Written by a distinguished son of Galloway, Scotland John F Robertson, this fascinating book trac..
Strange Old Scots Customs And Superstitions
The Scots have always been superstitious. Our ancestors were savages who painted their faces,..
Strange Stories of Glasgow and the Clyde
This is a colourful collection of outlandish yarns, fascinating history and strange legends about..
Such Bad Company
Like its bestselling fictional predecessor, 'No Mean City', this catalogue of fascinating true-li..
Tell it to a Glasgwegian
Gie ye the gift o' the Glescaranto? Nae problem, pal! This is the book that talks the language of ..
Tell It To An Aberdonian
The wit and humour of Aberdeen and north East Scotland. Brilliant jokes and couthy humour from t..
The Bigot
Andra Thomson is back! The hilarious bigot whose greatest wish to be buried in the hallowed turf..
The Highland Whisky Smugglers
Murders and mayhem, battles and beatings, bribes and bogus funerals - all for a dram of whisky! Il..
The Story of St Giles Cathedral
This site, at the very heart of Scotland’s ancient capital city, has been a place of worship for o..
The True Story Of Burke & Hare
This is the true compelling story of the Irish labourers turned serial killers whose deadly spree ..
William Wallace - Freedom Fighter
The true story of Scotland's Braveheart Mel Gibson's epic 1995 film, Braveheart, put William Wall..