Pearce Family Book

With the bloodlines of the ancient Britons, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and Normans flowing through their veins, bearers of the Pearce name are heirs to a rich and colourful heritage.
From pursuits and endeavours that include the stage, enterprise, sport and the written word, many have achieved fame and acclaim – while others have acquired more infamous and fearsome reputations.
In the boxing ring, Henry “Hen” Pearce was the bare-knuckle prize fighter who was recognised as English champion from 1804 until his retirement in 1807 while David “Bomber” Pearce, born in 1959, was the Welsh heavyweight who held both the Welsh and British heavyweight titles.
In the creative world of the written word, Ann Philippa Pearce was the award-winning English author of children’s books best known for her 1958 fantasy novel Tom’s Midnight Garden, later adapted for stage, television and film.
Recorded here is the vibrant drama that is the history of the Pearces of both yesteryear and today. 

Pearce Family Book

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