Scottish Clan Books

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Watt Clan Book
A name that has truly warlike roots, it is perhaps appropriate that bearers of the Watt name and ..
Weir Clan Book
A name strongly identified from at least the mid-twelfth century with the Lanarkshire area of Low..
White Clan Book
Bearers of the name of White, and its spelling variants such as Whyte, may be surprised to learn t..
Williamson Clan Book
In Gaelic forms that include MacWilliam, the Williamson name has Celtic roots that are deeply embe..
Wilson Clan Book
Bearers of the surname Wilson have left an indelible mark on the pages of Scotland’s vibrant story..
Wood Clan Book
It was on the high seas that bearers of the name of Wood first came to prominence, in the person o..
Wright Clan Book
It is perhaps apt that the proud name of Wright originally denoted someone who ‘works’, because it..
Young Clan Book
While their namesakes in the northern reaches of Scotland acquired distinction and honours as loya..