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Family Name History Books. Physical books and (some) digital books. Insightful. fun, authoritative and easy to read these books have been commissioned and prepared by Lang Syne Publishing for many years and written by our specialist writers and researchers. Each book covers the history of a surname and its place in history in a fun and friendly manner making them and ideal family present or gift for family reunions, celebrations and get togethers wherever you are in the world.

If your family name originated in the UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland or the the Republic of Ireland we likely have a book on your family surnaem and its place in hsitory. If we haven't already pulished a book we will consider making one. Just contact us and let us know your family name. Buy from over 350 family name history books from Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales.

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If you prefer digital only versions see our sister site at which contains our full current range of digital books in .epub and .mobi formats



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