Family Surname Book Range

Family Surname Books

Our main and most popular range of products remain the Family Surnames and Clan History books. With over 350 surnames published we are continually adding new names to our portfolio of clan history books. Each book is subtitled; ‘The origin of the <Campbell> Clan and their place in history.


Book Styles

The books are intended to be factually accurate but fun, insightful and entertaining. They are easy to read and quick reads and do not pretend to be university level documents (there are plenty of them around). Our family history books are ideal for you if you


  • Are interested in a first look  at your family history  
  • Are interested tracing your family tree and want an easy introduction to your family history
  • Need a unique gift for members of your family  at christmas or other celebrations


Unique Research and writers

All of our Family History /Clan History Books are unique researched, written by our commissioned and retained authors Iain Gray, Murray Ogilvie and Harry Conroy. Some books include photos by Scottish Photographer Dennis Hardley and our sketches by our in house graphic designers.


Out writers all have journalistic background and are keen historians with excellent research skills allowing us to provide (to our knowledge) the largest and most unique range of family surname history books in publication, anywhere.


Digital Downloads

We recently completed the first batch of Family Surname History Books in digital format. The first 150 names are complete an enow avian at our dedicated digital book download site at The second batch are currently in the pipeline and we hope to publish these in early 2018 with the remainder of the range to follow thereafter.


All our Family Surname Hostelry digital books are available in both .mobi version (for AmazonKindle) and .ePub format (iPad, iPhone, and others).