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Chambers Family Name Magnet
The Chambers Family Name Magnet...
Chapman Family Book
A name of ancient Anglo-Saxon roots that denoted someone who made a living as a dealer in basic do..
Chapman Family Name Coaster
The Chapman Family Name Coaster...
Chapman Family Name Magnet
The Chapman Family Name Magnet...
Cheers From Scotland! Novelty Beer Mug
Cheers! Our novelty Cheers from Scotland beer mugs are the pints that can never be emptied! ..
Chisholm Clan Book
With the challenging  motto of ‘I am fierce with the fierce’ and fearsome crest of a hand ho..
Christie Clan Book
Closely allied for centuries with the powerful Farquharsons of Invercauld, near Braemar, sharing ..
Clan Bookmark
Excellent full colour bookmark featuring your clan tartan, crest and clansman with a brief histor..
Clan Crest Keyrings
Clan Crest Keyrings featuring your Clan's name. ..
Clan Metallic Picture Magnets
Strong, colourful – featuring crest, tartan and scenic clan homeland. 196 names available. ..
Clan Musical Magnets
Your very own set of bagpipes for the fridge. Delight family and friends with this highly origina..
Clan Musical Teddy
He's the pride o' your clan - this hand dressed piper teddy bear has his own woollen kilt and cap ..
Clan Postcards
Beautifully produced full colour postcards featuring your clan tartan, crest and clansman with a ..
Clan Posters
Beautifully produced full colour posters featuring your clan tartan, crest and clansman with a br..
Clan Round Cork Coaster
Authentic clan crest coaster. 192 Clan Names available to choose from! £2.50 each or any th..
Clancy Clan Book
‘Fidelity and fortitude’ is the proud motto of bearers of the Clancy name, and these were qualiti..
Clark Clan Book
They began as religious scholars but the Clark clan soon developed their talents in many direction..
Clark Family Name Coaster
The Clark Family Name Coaster...
Clark Family Name Magnet
The Clark Family Name Magnet...
Clarke Family Book
With a heritage steeped in the ancient Anglo-Saxon culture of England, bearers of the Clarke name ..
Clarke Family Name Coaster
The Clarke Family Name Coaster...
Clarke Family Name Magnet
The Clarke Family Name Magnet...
Cochrane Clan Book
A name with a number of possible points of origin that include from ‘Covernan’, the name of a fie..
Cole Family Name Coaster
The Cole Family Name Coaster...
Collins Clan Book
Two of the sources for the proud name of Collins in Ireland stretch back to the heroic age of Celt..