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 Stories Of The Highland Clearances
Bloodshed and betrayal in the Glens. Man's inhumanity to man is brought sharply into focus as enti..
A Treasure Trove of Argyll Stories
How Government officers framed a man for murder to stop another Jacobite Rebellion. The church wit..
Bonnie Prince Charlie & Flora MacDonald
Bonnie Prince Charlie's campaign to become King of Great Britain ended in disaster on the bloody b..
Golf Book
Here is the quintessential guide to everything you wanted to know about golf, the game that has g..
Golf: A Royal And Ancient Game
A treasure trove of stories and history about the game in a fascinating volume that will delight a..
Holyrood Abbey & Palace
Within these walls much of Scotland’s bloody history was played out. Murder, blackmail, rebellio..
Massacre of Glencoe
An historical account of the massacre, in February 1692, of the small Clan MacDonald of Glencoe b..
O'Keeffe Clan Book
County Cork, in the ancient Irish province of Munster, is the original homeland of bearers of the ..
Scottish Battles
Detailed battle plans, full background information, sections on the development of warfare, tactic..
Scottish Proverbs
A wise and often hilarious compilation of Scottish wit and wisdom garnered over the centuries. ..
Story of a Nation: Scotland 2007 Edition
From the dawn of time to the 21st century discover your land and the land of your forefathers. If..
Story of the Saltire
Read all about the mystic origins of Scotland's national flag and tales associated with it over t..
Strange Old Scots Customs And Superstitions
The Scots have always been superstitious. Our ancestors were savages who painted their faces,..
Strange Stories of Glasgow and the Clyde
This is a colourful collection of outlandish yarns, fascinating history and strange legends about..
The Highland Whisky Smugglers
Murders and mayhem, battles and beatings, bribes and bogus funerals - all for a dram of whisky! Il..
William Wallace - Freedom Fighter
The true story of Scotland's Braveheart Mel Gibson's epic 1995 film, Braveheart, put William Wall..

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