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A range of Scottish themed Books including Scottish History, Scottish Interest, Humour, Food and Drink, Horror, Glasgow, Edinburgh and scottish icons such as Nessie, Rob Roy

Also Childrens Books with colouring, teasers and quizzes

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 Stories Of The Highland Clearances
Bloodshed and betrayal in the Glens. Man's inhumanity to man is brought sharply into focus as enti..
101 Men in Kilts
A new book celebrating the rugged beauty of Scotland is being launched for St Andrew's Day - and ..
A Treasure Trove of Argyll Stories
How Government officers framed a man for murder to stop another Jacobite Rebellion. The church wit..
Ayrshire Golf – Chapter and Verse
Chapter & Verse is a guide to good course management for golfers. Unique in the world of..
Bonnie Prince Charlie & Flora MacDonald
Bonnie Prince Charlie's campaign to become King of Great Britain ended in disaster on the bloody b..
Cannibal family of Sawney Bean and other stories of South West Scotland
Here, in this tale of true-life horror, we tell the chilling story of Sawney Bean and his hellish..
Edinburgh Activity Book
Puzzles,colouring,quizzes and brain teasers for children of all ages featuring famous --and infam..
Flight Of The Midgie!
Stories of Scotland's tiniest biting beasties. Entertaining, informative and instructional stories..
Folk Tales Of The Highlands
Faeries, brownies, waterhorses, ghosts, witches, magic wells, giants and buried treasure. The Hig..
Ghosts, Massacres And Horror Stories of Scotland's Castles
Phantom hounds, spectral pipers, eerie drumbeats in the night, green ladies, weeping stones, anci..
Ghosts, Witches and Worthies of The Royal Mile
Discover possibly the greatest street in the world, and its darkest secrets. This is where Edinb..
Glasgow Activity Book
A great way to discover Glasgow’s history, icons and famous building through quizzes, colouring, ..
Glasgow Banter
From Arrabacka and Byraway to Pure Dead Brilliant! and Zebedeed, this wee A to Z of the Glesca Ban..
Golf Book
Here is the quintessential guide to everything you wanted to know about golf, the game that has g..
Golf: A Royal And Ancient Game
A treasure trove of stories and history about the game in a fascinating volume that will delight a..
Holyrood Abbey & Palace
Within these walls much of Scotland’s bloody history was played out. Murder, blackmail, rebellio..
Massacre of Glencoe
An historical account of the massacre, in February 1692, of the small Clan MacDonald of Glencoe b..
Nessie's Monster Activity Book
Puzzles, quizzes,colouring for kids. Keep your children busy with fun filled Nessie adventures. H..
Prophecies Of The Brahan Seer
Here is the strange, fascinating story of Coinneach Odhar, the Brahan Seer, otherwise known as Ken..
Scottish Battles
Detailed battle plans, full background information, sections on the development of warfare, tactic..
Scottish Proverbs
A wise and often hilarious compilation of Scottish wit and wisdom garnered over the centuries. ..
So You're Going To Wear The Kilt!
This readable and handy booklet on Scottish attire provides a compact guide not only for those sta..
Stirling Activity Book For Kids-Quizzes puzzles teasers
Discover Stirling's history, icons and famous buildings through quizzes, colouring, puzzles and t..
Story of a Nation: Scotland 2007 Edition
From the dawn of time to the 21st century discover your land and the land of your forefathers. If..
Story of Galloway
Written by a distinguished son of Galloway, Scotland John F Robertson, this fascinating book trac..