Scottish Humour Books

Books on Scottish Humour including Glasgow Languages (Glesca Banter), Scottish Jokes and Proverbs, Parras over the Barras, Flight of the Midgie, The Bigot and and more.  This range of books of scottish humour provides a unique and entertaining insight to scots, language, humour, culture and our ability to see the funny side of all things.

Scots are famous around the world for (amongst other things) their unique humour, wit, wisdom and the ability to have a laugh and a joke with anyone about anything.

Get an secrets of scottish humour with these Scottish Humour books from Lang Syne Publishing.

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Flight Of The Midgie!
Stories of Scotland's tiniest biting beasties. Entertaining, informative and instructional stories..
Glasgow Banter
From Arrabacka and Byraway to Pure Dead Brilliant! and Zebedeed, this wee A to Z of the Glesca Ban..
Scottish Proverbs
A wise and often hilarious compilation of Scottish wit and wisdom garnered over the centuries. ..
Tell it to a Glasgwegian
Gie ye the gift o' the Glescaranto? Nae problem, pal! This is the book that talks the language of ..