Tell it to a Glasgwegian

Gie ye the gift o' the Glescaranto? Nae problem, pal! This is the book that talks the language of Scotland's greatest city as Albert Mackie sorts out the bawheids and the bamsticks from the Kelvinside panloafs and the Dalmarnock diehards.

Why's your china your china? How can you spot a chanty wrastler? What are the secrets of the wally closes? What's that about peely wally weans and jeely pieces? Who are you calling a wee nyaff? Is that your granny singing, 'I'm leanin' oot the windae wi' ma elba in ma hauns', talkin' aboot 'hurklin banes' and the 'decline'?

There's yer sister at the Palais. 'Seeza sherra ra dance floor.' 'Ach, awa an bile yer heid.' 'Yir maw's oan the buses.' 'Come oan, get aff.' Here's all the mammies fae the tenements - Aggie, Beenie and Teenie, Bell, Bella, Maggie and Peg. Page after page of wickedly funny stories from Glesga.

Furra love urra wee man! This book is pure dead brilliant, so it is.

Tell it to a Glasgwegian

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