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Scottish Myth and Horror Books from Lang Syne Publishing. Books for the whole family on a range of Scottish myths folklore and horror subjects including ghost stories, haunted castles, Holyrood, Edinburgh and Glasgow, and Sawney Bean.


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Cannibal family of Sawney Bean and other stories of South West Scotland
Here, in this tale of true-life horror, we tell the chilling story of Sawney Bean and his hellish..
Folk Tales Of The Highlands
Faeries, brownies, waterhorses, ghosts, witches, magic wells, giants and buried treasure. The Hig..
Ghosts, Massacres And Horror Stories of Scotland's Castles
Phantom hounds, spectral pipers, eerie drumbeats in the night, green ladies, weeping stones, anci..
Ghosts, Witches and Worthies of The Royal Mile
Discover possibly the greatest street in the world, and its darkest secrets. This is where Edinb..
Holyrood Abbey & Palace
Within these walls much of Scotland’s bloody history was played out. Murder, blackmail, rebellio..
Prophecies Of The Brahan Seer
Here is the strange, fascinating story of Coinneach Odhar, the Brahan Seer, otherwise known as Ken..
Strange Stories of Glasgow and the Clyde
This is a colourful collection of outlandish yarns, fascinating history and strange legends about..
The True Story Of Burke & Hare
This is the true compelling story of the Irish labourers turned serial killers whose deadly spree ..