Adams Family Book

Particularly identified with the borderland between Wales and England known as the Welsh Marches, ‘Adams’ features prominently in the historical record.


While some who would come to bear the name battled against successive waves of invasion, in more peaceful centuries others have achieved fame through endeavours and pursuits ranging from politics and literature to the stage, music and sport.

Three bearers of the Adams name were prominent in early American revolutionary and political history. Recognised as one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, Samuel Adams was the statesman born in 1722 in Boston.

One of the leading figures opposed to the British Parliament’s taxation of the British-American colonies – which sparked off the colony’s Revolutionary War with Britain – he was one of the representatives in 1774 to the Continental Congress in Philadelphia and helped to guide the congress towards issuing the famous Declaration of Independence in 1776.

Adams, who died in 1803, was a second cousin to John Adams, also recognised as a Founding Father of the United States, and who was the nation’s second President.

Born in Boston in 1735, where he practiced as a lawyer, he became a prominent figure in the Revolutionary War, and served as President of the United States from 1797 to 1801 after serving for a time as Vice President under George Washington.

Adams, who died in 1826, was the father of John Quincy Adams, born in 1767, and who served from 1825 to 1829 as the sixth President of the United States; he died in 1848.

Adams Family Book

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