Bowen Family Book

With Welsh roots that stretch back through the dim mists of time, early bearers of what would become the Bowen name were for centuries at the centre of some of the most turbulent events in the nation’s history.

In more recent times, many have achieved honours and distinction through a wide range of endeavours and pursuits ranging from the law and the sciences to the stage, sport, music and literature.

The vibrant tale of the Bowens is recounted here.

One particularly heart warning tale concerning bearers of the proud name of Bowen relates to the busker and internationally best-selling author James Bowen and his faithful feline friend Bob.

Born in Surrey in 1979 and moving to Australia with his mother after his parents divorced, his early life was beset with problems.

Not managing to settle into the family home or at school, he describes himself at the time as having been “a tearaway kid”, and was diagnosed as suffering from schizophrenia, manic depression and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

Moving back to Britain when he was aged 19, his life spiralled out of control as he became addicted to heroin and began sleeping rough in London.

Weaning himself off heroin by entering a methadone programme, he began busking and was befriended in 2007 by a stray ginger cat that he named Bob.

The pair soon became a tourist attraction as James, always accompanied by Bob, busked in Covent Garden and in Piccadilly – and it was through Bob that he was able to wean himself off the methadone programme.

With tourists posting videos of the pair to YouTube, they came to the attention of publishers Hodder and Stoughton, who teamed James up with the author Garry Jenkins.

The result has been A Street Cat Named Bob, first published in March of 2012, and followed by other best-sellers that include The World According to Bob and A Gift from Bob.

Meanwhile A Street Cat Named Bob, which has been published in more than 30 languages, has sold more than one million copies in the UK alone.

Bowen Family Book

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