Evans Family Book

A name of Biblical roots, ‘Evans’ features prominently in the rich and colourful tableau of Welsh history.

Many have gained fame and acclaim not only in their native land, but also on foreign shores through a diverse range of endeavours and pursuits that include exploration, the sciences, the stage, music, sport and literature.

Presented here is the vibrant tale of bearers of the proud name of Evans.

One particularly inventive bearer of the proud name of Evans was the Welsh sea captain William Evans, born in 1790 in St Dogwells, Pembrokeshire.

Serving for a time in the Royal Navy, he invented the system of tri-coloured lighting on naval vessels to prevent collisions at sea.

For this, he was awarded £1,500 by the British government and the gift of a gold chronometer and £200 from the Russian Tsar.

He was also a highly accomplished chess player, having learned all the moves in the highly cerebral game by the age of 14 and later creating the move known in chess circles today as Evans Gambit.

Evans Family Book

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