Rees Family Book

Bearers of the name of Rees today are heirs to a rich and colourful heritage rooted deep in the ancient soil of Wales.

While some found fame through their heroic resistance to a succession of invaders, others have gained acclaim through more peaceful pursuits that include the stage, music, the sciences and sport.

Their proud and vibrant tale is recorded here.

Best known for his television roles of Lord John Marbury in the American political drama The West Wing and as Robin Colcord in the sitcom Cheers, Roger Rees is the award-winning Welsh-American actor and director born in 1944 in Aberystwyth.

Beginning his career with the Royal Shakespeare Company, he was the recipient in 1982 of a Tony Award and an Olivier Award for Best Actor in a Play for his title role in The Life and Times of Nicholas Nickeleby, an Obie Award in 1992 for his performance in The End of the Day and a Tony Award nomination for Best Actor in a Play for his role in Indiscretions.

A naturalised American citizen since 1989, he also played the role from 2010 to 2011 of Gomez in the Broadway musical adaptation of television’s The Addams Family.

In addition to The West Wing and Cheers, his other television credits include the British sitcom Singles, while his big screen credits include the 1993 Mel Brooks comedy Robin Hood: Men in Tights and, from 2006, The Prestige.

Rees Family Book

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