Whisky Book

Here is the quintessential guide to everything you wanted to know about Scotch whisky.

Inside you will find all the relevant facts to do with your favourite classic malts, how ‘the water of life’ had its origins in mystic medieval times in ancient Caledonia, how bold smugglers risked life and limb to escape the dreaded customs men, the real story behind the fortuitous shipwreck of Whisky Galore!, a tour of the top distilleries and much, much more…

So sit down, relax and savour this appreciation of the world’s favourite tipple.

Within, you will find all you wanted to know about Scotch whisky, including how it is made, the colourful history, many redoubtable characters and wild incidents associated with the drink and how to invest in this modern success story, plus a comprehensive guide, details and background to the major malt distilleries.

Exports are currently generating more than £4.5 billion annually for the UK balance of trade, a record high, and 40 bottles a second are shipped abroad, while Scotch now accounts for  a quarter of UK food and drinks exports.

There are 108 distilleries in operation in Scotland with 10,000 people directly employed, plus a further 35,000 jobs supported throughout Britain.
Markets are expanding everywhere worldwide, especially in the Far East as the merits of discerning whisky appreciation spreads to different cultures.

Vintage and quality are coming once more into their own with the retreat of recession. So sit down with a neat dram – or indeed any other refreshing libation – and relax, turn the pages at leisure and enjoy…   George Forbes

Whisky Book

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