Your Name

Your Surname and what it means to you


However you come by your surname it is what it is. You have the name and are (probably) emotionally attached to its since you have probably been using it from birth. You have signed loads of forms with your name. You have spoken it and written it thousands of times in application form exam papers, email address, login forms, in telephone calls with your bank or suppliers and if you are unlucky some court fines or other misdemeanour paperwork


It has been written on team sheets, job applications, lyric notes, flight tickets, hotel reservations, parking tickets…………. You (probably) know where you’ve been.


Changing Your Name

People can and do change their name explicit and consciously. In the UK it is referred to as changing by Deed Poll where you can legally change your identified name, (no doubt signing our old name a hundred more times on endless forms). It may the same in other countries.


The Naming of Life

Assuming that you have the same name it is my contention that you always have some degree of emotional attachment to your name. We all derive, biologically speaking,, from another human and they have a name (maybe more) and this arouses a curiosity about who you are. Who do you think you are. Where did you come from, How did I get her?


On a higher philosophical level these are mighty big questions. They are also for the websites and articles. Here we are merely discussing the origin and meaning and historical significance of surnames. Perhaps we romanticise our name, our past and our history but then, in my opinion that is what makes us human. We have the ability to contemplate our existence and part of that is figuring out the answers to these questions. Starting with your name at leased gives you a starting point with some historical artefact wth which to proceed.


History is Everywhere

Witness the scale on interested in history programmes on TV (who do you think you are, Time team, the entire History Channel. We are fascinated by our pasts and our names are the main clue we have to investigate the scene. You can now even get mail order DNA testing to give you a clearer idea of your lineage.  


This lends itself to our obsession with our past and our very identity as people in a world where culture, race and creed are more mixed than ever in our recent post internet bout of globalisation


Tracing Your Family History

Tracing your family tree can be a very rewarding process at whatever level you want to pursue it. You may have a casual interest in your family name and have a wee chuckle when you see the notable people  (or notorious) who share your name both famous and infamous. Alternatively you may a serious scholar and researcher and want trace your family person by person and get details of dates, times, occupations and relationships and more….


Easy start to tracing your family name history

Whichever way you choose to investigate your past and figure out who you till you are Lang Syne's family surnames and clan books are a simple, fun and entertaining easy start to your learning journey. They may give you enough to satisfy your curiosity and ‘scratch an itch . But conversely they may touch your soul and trigger a part of your being that needs to know more and send you off on an exercise to see where you came form and how you get where you are. 


Whichever way you go remember to strap in tight and enjoy the ride.